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DeKalb Middle School's Professional Development Success!

posted Feb 19, 2014, 7:39 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School   [ updated Feb 19, 2014, 7:40 AM ]

After D.M.S's Professional Development session on Feb 14th, each grade level used the NWEA scores to drill down and find what areas we should pay particular focus for second semester.  Here is the 6th grade focus for second semester.  

The 6th grade focus is having all 6th grade teachers using coming lingo within their classrooms (ACE and KISSR). The lingo includes strategies to help students become better problem solvers and decoders. These strategies will help our students with everyday reading and math problems and also answering any sort of response type of questions. We also looked at continuing to use individual strand levels to differentiate ACC math for all math students. 

The 7th grade will focus is on assessment and content area vocabulary.  We will be completing activities to work on definitions of vocabulary and also looking at depth of knowledge vocabulary to help students answer questions.  For example, understanding what it means to analyze, create, critique, estimate, graph, compare, etc.  We are also using the Des Cartes for RIT Range vocabulary for Math, Science, and Language Arts to know what vocabulary to focus on in our individual classrooms.

The 8th grade teachers will continue their efforts  to assist our students with growth when taking  NWEA and ISTEP.  ON Friday, February 15th, during our Teacher In-service time,  the 8th grades teachers developed the following SMART Goal which is not only measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic, but it is  time-bound.  We would like to see all 8th grade students "grow" from fall to winter and from winter to spring in their testing.  The following plan has been put into place to assist with our goal.
The 8th grade teachers and students will continue with Going Green, 8th hour homework,Support Room, Math and Language Arts Aim Lines and Growth Charts, weekly reading activities with in our content areas which work on vocabulary and reading skills, as well as continue instruction during our Enrichment time to assist with problem solving in math.  Teachers, Administrators, Students, and Parents will all be a part of this process.  Our goal is to use the NWEA reports and our Math/Language Arts scores to determine if we have met our goal by June of 2014.