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DMS Fusion Students Work with Nucor on a Marketing Campaign!

posted Apr 14, 2015, 7:12 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School   [ updated Apr 14, 2015, 7:12 AM ]

DeKalb Middle School students could find their ideas contained in a future Nucor marketing campaign

For the past three weeks, teachers Brett Eltzroth and Nora Schwartz have been teaching a humanities class using project- based learning. A total of 136 students have been working on a marketing project for Nucor Building Systems for a product yet to be released.

Friday, students presented their marketing campaigns to Nucor marketing specialists and marketing director Carlie Smith.

Schwartz said students worked in groups of five and were challenged with the tasks of coming up with a slogan, using the Nucor logo, developing a promotional item, designing and compiling a brochure and providing packaging for the promotional item. Students also compiled a slide presentation, which they presented to Nucor representatives. They were evaluated on the presentation content and connection with the audience.

Schwartz said students were very enthusiastic about the project and appeared to be more engaged in the work than in any other class assignment this year. She said students also showed creativity in coming up with promotional items. After watching the student presentations, Nucor representatives offered positive comments on what they had seen.

Smith commended students for the way they articulated the benefits of the product. Students also received high praise for their slogans and their connectivity with the audience.

Smith said the project helped students gain real-world experience in marketing, in coming up with a strategy, promoting a product and developing marketing tactics.

“There could be some actual things we incorporate,” Smith said. “There are great ideas we’ve seen today. Students have really grasped our product line. There are a lot of good ideas that we really could take into consideration.”

Article from The Star

Written by Kathryn Bassett