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DMS Preforms "The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle"!

posted Mar 16, 2015, 7:37 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School   [ updated Mar 16, 2015, 7:38 AM ]

 A cast and crew of more than 50 DeKalb Middle School students preformed “The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle”.

The musical is adapted by Elliott B. Baker from the book by Hugh Lofting.

“It’s the story of Dr. Dolittle who talks to animals. It’s the classic story of Dr. Dolittle. It’s very funny. The audience will enjoy a lot of the humor,” said director Judy Marlow. The production marks the 30th musical Marlow has directed at the middle school.

The productions features colorful costumes designed by Marlow and assistant director Yvette Flanagan and created with much help from parents and family members of the cast and crew, Marlow said. She credited parent Brian Becker for his work in building the set.

In keeping with the theme of animals, the cast and crew are partnering with the DeKalb Humane Shelter and encouraging those attending the performances to bring donations for the shelter.

Cast members with their roles and crew members are: Alex Dudash, Dr. Dolittle; Dylan Burger, Mr. Blossom/villager/pirate; Paige Lower, Mrs. Mumford/jolliginki; Brandi Cronin, Mrs. Whitely/pirate; Sam Steck, ship’s captain; Kelsey Ternet, jolliginki; Sydney Hefty, jolliginki; Lexiy Hinkle, jolliginki; Chandler Hutton, King of the jolliginki; Taquoia Hackbush, Queen of the jolliginki; Alex Matsel, pirate captain; Braeden McIntire, Spanky the wonder pirate/man; Kendyl Smith, Polynesia; Katie Smith, Jip the dog; Cale Beer, Albert; Samantha Cruz, Too-Too/jolliginki, Lydia Norton, Chee-Chee; Reagan Snyder, Gub-Gub; Kaylee Spade, Dab-Dab; Ryleigh Moreland, Pongo/pirate; Jade Michael and Madi Schakow, Pushmi-Pullyu; Elizabeth Liddell, Swallow; Lindy Kennedy, Chu-Chu; Riley Winebrenner, Annie; Dante Tkacz, lion/man; Lauren Woodcox, lioness; Grace Becker, Amber Damron, Emily Eis, Paige Emenhiser, Katie Gaddis, Isabella Gettys, Jordyn Hamman, Hannah Harvey, Hayley Harvey, Sydney Hefty, Lexiy Hinkle, Katie Howley, Jayna Howley, Mallory Jarrett, Blair McKown, Joni Moore, Jillian Peel, Hailey Poff, Scarlett Smith, Emily Stefen and Kelsey Ternet, villagers/jolliginki, pirates; Annabelle Buhl, Colton Gaier, Joycelyn More, Caitlynn Shipe and Hunter Taylor, crew; Judy Marlow, director; Yvette Flanagan, assistant director; Lynette Farrington, choreographer; Bridget Stafford, student director; Jed Freels, lights; Brian Becker, set; and Jama Smith, programs and tickets.