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New D.M.S. Security Policy!

posted Dec 18, 2013, 5:52 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 5:57 AM ]

ATTENTION! NEW D.M.S. SECURITY POLICY TO BE PUT IN PLACE BEGINNING JANUARY 2014. Our number one priority is keeping our children safe at school. To do this, we continually evaluate and update our school safety policies and procedures. We also research best practices from across the nation, and our administrators regularly attend safety conventions in order to stay up to date on the latest “best practices” in school safety. Through our training and research, we believe that positive identification should be a priority in our building. We also get a lot of “bang for the buck” because it can be implemented at no cost, but provide significantly improved identification and accountability for our visitors. Therefore, we have made the decision to update our entry and sign-out procedures. To ensure that all school-day visitors are properly identified and accounted for, we will require all visitors to present a picture ID in order to enter the main building. We will also ask that parents and guardians enter the main office to pick up students for appointments during the school day. This will allow us to ensure that students are being picked up by the correct person. This policy will begin January, 2014. We understand that this is a change from past practice and presents an inconvenience to many of you. However, we ask that you help us impose and enforce this new safety measure. Your support and compliance will help us all to work together to continue to keep our schools safe.  Thank you.