Nick Dye competed at the Indiana State Finals of the National Geography Bee at IUPUI in Indianapolis on Friday April 5.  Nick won the DeKalb Middle School Geography Bee in December.  In January, he took a qualifying test from National Geographic.  He placed in the top 100 scores in state of Indiana.  The National Geographic Bee is open to 4th through 8th graders.
Nick was competing with 99 other students from Indiana to win and represent our state at the National Competition in Washington DC.  The 100 students were broken up into 5 groups of 20 for the preliminary round.  The students were asked 8 questions. Two choices were given for the first 3 questions.  No choices were given for the last 5 questions. Nick answered all 8 questions correctly to advance to the finals.  Seven students answered all 8 questions correctly to go to the finals.  Three others students answered 7 out of 8 questions correctly and came out of the tie breaker round to get to the finals. 
In the final round students are asked questions until they miss two questions.  They only have 15 seconds to answer.  The final two students then move to a three question championship round.  Nick answered question after question as students left the final competition with two wrong answers.  Nick was down to the final three with the championship within his grasp.  He had missed one question and was asked to name the river in South America that the city of Cuidad Bolivar borders.  Nick answered the Negro River.  The answer was the Orinoco River.  Nick made it through 12 rounds of questions until he missed his second.  Nick Dye place third in the state of Indiana for the National Geographic Bee.  This is the highest place a student from DeKalb Middle School has ever finished.  Here is a link to the top ten finishers:

Congratulations to Nick Dye for his accomplishment.