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P.A.G.E. Learning Fair Projects!

posted May 27, 2014, 5:44 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School

PAGE Learning Fair Project 2014

This project gives students a chance to be creative and have the freedom to learn something based on their interests. Each student chose something new he or she wanted to learn to do. The project took quite a bit of time to complete. The students learned something new by completing this project. 

This project had several components. The students wrote a reflection paper about their learning experience.  The students made a class presentation. For the class presentation, each student will created a storyboard. Twelve finalists were chosen from 12 class periods.  The finalists were chosen by their classmates for their presentation, storyboard, amount learned, and time committed to learning and doing the project. 

Learning Fair 2014 Finalists
Cole Althouse  Unicycle
Sam Duke  Chords on acoustic guitar
Jackson PyckHontz Magic
Andrew Novak Knots
Jared Reutebuch Chess
Donald Hughes Filet a fish
Noah Coy Making a Bow
Lexi Tressler  Taekwondo
Elizabeth Laker  Photography  4th place
Austin Osterhout Purple Martin Condo 3rd place
Natalie Davis Stop action video 2nd place
Becca Williams How to Crack a Bull Whip  1st place