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P.A.S.S. Class Fun!

posted Nov 4, 2013, 7:59 AM by DMS DeKalb Middle School

In an effort to add to the cohesiveness of our homeroom class called PASS we offer some friendly competitions that help to add to the culture of the PASS classes. The idea is that the classes will work as one to win the competitions. What we have found is that our students thoroughly enjoy these activities whether they win or lose.

So far this year we have had one round of OREO SWEEPSTAKES. This is a school-wide favorite where each PASS class tries to guess the hints given to see if they can get the correct answer on what staff member we are talking about. The winning PASS class earns a bag of OREO cookies. It is a fun and zany game and considered to be a time-honored tradition at DMS!

We have also had our annual Tug-o-War competitions amongst the PASS class. This is such a fun time for the students-they have to tug and pull their way to victory with their grade level peers and teachers cheering them on. This year’s winners were:

6th Grade

Gold Medal-Mr. David

Silver Medal-Mr. Freels

Bronze Medal-Mrs. McBride 

7th Grade

Gold Medal-Mr. Rentschler

Silver Medal-Mrs. Williams

Bronze Medal-Mr. Buchs

8th Grade

Gold Medal-Mrs. Baughman

Silver Medal-Mrs. Curtis

Bronze Medal-Mr. Freels

Our next PASS class competitions start this Friday, November 8 with “15” Shoot. A basketball contest to see which PASS class can earn the Gold medal by making enough baskets to get to “15”.

We also, will have another fun-filled round of OREO sweepstakes in the second semester!