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City Life

City Life is open to DeKalb and Garrett Middle School students, and it is free of charge thank you to multiple grants and our great community. Students meet after school in the DMS commons for the bus (provided by DeKalb Transportation) to arrive to take them to the Youth for Christ building on Grandstaff. The program runs from 4:00 until 5:25 pm. Students work on homework, middle school based curriculum teaching (5 Pillars), are feed a meal, have free time. At 5:25 students are transported back to DMS to either have a parent pick them up or take the activity bus home.
City Life encompasses 5 pillars for a holistic approach to serve students.
Educational Success- We have a homework room. We incentivize students to get their grades up and to keep them up. We have a tutor/mentor that can help with homework and develop in order to bring grades up to satisfactory.

Basic Health and Safety- We teach kids what proper boundaries are inside of friendships and home life. We also feed them a meal on both days.

Economic Success- We have a complete that incentivizes students to make right choices and then they have an ability to make money in the process. A concession stand is on site so that students have the ability to purchase and sell products. Students can also save their money for trips and events.

Civic Literacy- We have moments that we teach the kids about loving their community and how they can become indigenous leaders even now.

Spiritual and Moral Literacy- We are Youth For Christ. We talk about who Christ is and what he has and is doing for us. We simply ask the kids to see what Christ might be asking of them.

Our students gain all of the above pillars while gaining relationships with Adults who care and want to be their. Our program is not the center of what we do. We use the program as a way to get into students lives and then focus on Relational Ministry Activities (RMA’s). These RMA’s are:
Appointments- One on one with a student, we can really dive deep into a student’s life during this time
Building Time- A group of students who want to go and do something together. We are just hanging out and having fun together.

If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Wright, City Life Director in DeKalb County, at 260-573-6390.