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DMS Overview

DeKalb Middle School presents a wonderful opportunity for every student. From the variety of course offerings for students of all levels to the myriad of traditional as well as unique after school programs and extracurricular activities, there is definitely something for everyone.

6th Grade
Transitioning to the middle school can cause some uneasiness in our young learners. At DeKalb Middle school, we strive to make this our students’ best year yet. Highlights include:

  • Honors classes for high ability and high achieving students in math and language arts and RtI (remediation) classes for students that may need extra help in math and language arts.
  • 90 minutes of language arts instruction.
    • 45 minutes of literature
    • 45 minutes of composition
  • A full menu of elective courses including several technology courses where students will begin to learn computer programming and website design.
  • After school homework help is offered two days a week and school transportation is provided.
  • Unlike many middle schools, DeKalb Middle School offers 6th-grade athletic opportunities in cross country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, track, tennis, and golf.
  • We offer numerous after-school clubs, academic teams, and unique intramural opportunities.
  • School transportation is provided for students participating in after-school programs.

7th Grade

For many middle schoolers, the 7th-grade year can be considered on of the toughest in their educational career. At DeKalb Middle School, we do whatever it takes to be the exception to the rule. In addition to all of the opportunities outlined above, our 7th-graders have the option of choosing from two different learning frameworks described below:

Fusion: Students opting for the Fusion experience will be immersed into a project-based learning environment that will challenge your student to solve real-world, authentic problems. The goal is to not only teach state standards and course content, but develop skills vital to the 21st century workplace including collaboration, communication, problem solving, work ethic, and teamwork. Fusion students will routinely work with professionals from our local community and beyond in authentic application of academic standards.

Legacy: Students opting for the Legacy experience will enjoy a more traditional environment with emphasis on a workshop model of teaching and learning. The workshop model breaks the class period up into small sessions for different purposes. Each of these sessions allow students to work either with the teacher in a small group, independently, and/or with the entire class. The Legacy experience is highlighted by several cross-curricular projects including The Learning Fair, Roller Coaster Physics, and the Living Biography.

Regardless of which learning experience (Fusion or Legacy) you and your student decide, all students will have the same opportunities to take honors classes and electives including trying out for our advanced musical courses in both band (Jazz Band) and choir (Midpoint).

8th Grade

At DeKalb Middle School, we strive to make the 8th-grade experience new and exciting with several opportunities that are unique. In addition to continuing their work in either the Fusion or Legacy experience, our students will also have the following opportunities:

  • Students will have several opportunities to take classes at the middle school for high school credit including: Geometry, Algebra 1, Spanish 1, PE 1, Preparing for College and Careers, and Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
  • Both Fusion and Legacy students will participate in end-of-the-year field trip opportunities that are both academically challenging and culturally rewarding. This past year, all of our 8th-graders visited Chicago!

Regardless of which learning experience (Fusion or Legacy) you and your student decide, all students will have the same opportunities to take honors classes, courses for high school credit, and electives including trying out for our advanced musical classes in both band (Jazz Band) and choir (Midpoint).