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6th-grade » Applied Digital Skills & Media

Applied Digital Skills & Media

This course will teach students how to effectively curate, create, and distribute communication about what is happening in the lives of students at DMS. Students will reach a large audience that consists of students, teachers, parents, and community members through various forms of communication. Students will have the opportunity to produce daily, weekly, and monthly announcements in various digital formats (video, newsletters, email, social media, etc.). Students will be in teams that will produce the Baron News, daily student announcement website, morning slideshow announcements, the DMS newsletter, and more!

In addition, lessons in the class will encourage students to apply their digital skills to relevant, real-life problems. Students tackle topics such as financial decision-making, event planning, project management of the news, and more. Students work independently within the lessons, allowing teachers time to give individualized attention and connect with students on a deeper level.